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Forterra Precast Concrete Electrical Vaults protect the vital connections and controls for underground electrical distribution. Precast concrete is nontoxic and environmentally safe and because of its high specific gravity, precast resist buoyancy, making it an ideal material for use in all underground applications. Produced in a quality-controlled plant, Forterra Electrical Vaults are customizable and can be made to precise specifications. Quick to install and watertight.

The growing demand for underground utilities and telecommunication cables prompts an increased demand for precast concrete vaults and manholes to effectively pull and splice for many applications. Often these structures are placed under roadways and runways that require stringent load designs, unique geometry and specific sizes.


Precast Concrete Electrical Vaults bring value to your projects:

  • Airports
  • Power Plants
  • Railroad Industry
  • Renewable Energy Market
  • Potable Water Utilities
  • Wastewater Treatment Systems


Forterra's precast services afford the following advantages:

  • Our engineers customize designs, so your end product is tailored to your needs
  • Fabrication is controlled in reinforcement, resulting in high levels of dimensional accuracy
  • Products are ready for immediate use and / or backfill, expediting your installation process
  • Fabrication practices take place in a plant environment for cost-effectiveness
  • The weather risk associated with fieldcast material is eliminated, controlling costs
  • Our quality control is extensively documented for maximum efficiency
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